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Guidelines for

#1 Prepare

Registration & Login

- if not registered: Sign Up & select Role: Analyst
- Sign In

Level of Knowledge?

- bring in mind the level of experience: Beginner | Intermediate | Expert
- about your personal level and the level of your audience
- Beginner: heared something / sometimes in the news, no experience exists
- Intermediate: has to do with that industry / technology in business
- Expert: a guru in that field with many years of experience

Key Questions?

- coming soon ...


#2 Scan the Tech-Market

Check News on Search Engines

- Tagged News: use sidebar > TechCategory
- Stream News: use sidebar > Free Search

Check News at Just-Facts

- Google News
- Bing News
- TechCrunch
... and so on

Check/Add your News

- Do you have a 'must-read' news found or important for your work? Select > : Type in URL of article and Title of article (please ignore Company ID). If there is an error in articles URL, it still exists in database. Search feature will come soon.

Your News Articles

Press button to check your Articles: (not active)


#3 Rate and Comment Companies

Check/Add your Company

- Add New Company: Check if company domain (Syntax: company.com) is existing. If it not exists > add below: Company Name, Company URL (https://www.company.com) and Company Domain (company.com). After adding it appears in above list: Select Link in column "goto Database" and rate the company by star rating (5=top/best ... 1=poor/non-relevant).

Rate your Company

- Rate Company on e.g. Company Detail page: rate the company by star rating (5=top/best ... 1=poor/non-relevant). Try to keep less top 10% of your company listing have a rating of 5 (you can change rating every time, of course)

Comment your Company

- Make comments and relevant note to company on My Companies: the companies are listed by your rating: Press 'MyNotes' to add notes to your company. Buttons for 'add' and 'list' will be introduced later.

Your Companies

Press button to check your Companies:


#4 Start Reporting

Your Reports

Press button to check your Reports: (not active here)

New Reports

Select Industry, Technology and Type in Title, Press Summit (not active here)

Add Slides to Report

Press (not active) of your Report
Select on Side Bar > Add New Slide > 'Title Slide' or 'Description Slide', Press
Select Core-Tech, Industry and Type in Title, Press Summit (not active here)

Edit Slides

In-Line Edit: Click in area and type in text, lists, ... HTML based
Note: At the moment there are many features active for editing, formating and so on. In future there will be much less, just the features you will need. Do not care about good-looking layout, this will come later. More important is content... :-)

Switching between 'View Mode' and 'Edit Mode'

Toggle between and


#5 Report Outline and Content

Title Slide

press button to Edit Title Slide:

Scope of Applications (1+ slides)

- slide Type: Description
- name the application (innovative, new) with relevance to this industry sector / core-technologies
- give a explanaition within few sentence, with clear understanding

Company Details (1+ slides)

- slide type: Description
- name the company (innovator, leader, newcomer) with relevance to this application and industry sector using core-technologies
- give a short description of worthful properties, dates, numbers and persons....

Abstract & Summary (1 slide)

- slide Type: Description
- make a abstract about main conclusion, finding and insights